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Renewal of the Electoral Register -The Annual Canvass 2020

This year the canvass is changing.

Each year we write to you to check who lives in your household.  This information is used to update the Register of Electors to make sure everyone who is eligible is able to vote.

Most households will receive a letter during August and providing the information we hold for their household is correct, you will not need to respond.

It is very important that you read the letter carefully as it will advise you whether or not you need to respond.

If the list of people living in your household is correct, you do not need to do anything.  

If the list of people who live in your household is incorrect, you will need to advise us. This can be done online or by phone.


Approximately 27,000 households will receive a slightly different letter, which will go to households where we are unsure whether or not the people living there last year are still resident.  This letter you must respond to.

You can respond to confirm or change your household details online or by phone. If you do not respond to this letter we will send a reminder.  If you still do not respond, we will make contact with you either by phone, if we hold your number, or by sending a canvasser to your property.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we wish to avoid having to send a canvasser to households that have not responded.

It is important that you respond as soon as possible.

Any new entries will get a further form to complete. (Individual Registration Form (ITR)) or go online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote  to register. You will need your national insurance number. 

Further information is available at  - www.gov.uk/yourvotematters